• Transmitter / Receiver of video + contact for links point to point over optical fiber, up to 4.5km on Multimode and 50km on Single mode
  • 12 to 24 Vac/Vdc, Rack Bus
  • Mechanical formats: Standalone / DIN Rail y Rack-card (PAWAL)
  • Industrial temperature range (-40 to 74°C).

NTVO / NRVO devices allow links point to point for digital video + contactover fiber optic reaching distances up 50 km over 1 F.O. Led light signal help to verify power supply, link and a correct activity. Designed for Plug and Play installation, any manual adjustment is required.

A Digital transmission provides a great image quality, security over communication and longer distances.

Mechanical formats: Rack-card  for Chassis 19” 3U (PAWAL)and Standalone/DIN rail