- NTVI1 ( 1 channel ) or NTVI2 ( 2 channels )  - TRANSMITTER  VIDEO

- NRVI ( 1 channel ) or NRVI2 ( 2 channels )- RECEIVER VIDEO

  • Video Transmitters or Receiver for links point to point up 50Km
  • 1 or 2 channels video (Tx or Rx)
  • Connector SC
  • PAL, SECAM y NTSC compatibility
  • Up 6MHz bandwidth
  • Wavelength 1310nm for fiber MM & SM
  • Rack (pawal) and Standalone/DIN Rail format mounts

NRVI1 and NRVI2 are Digital Video Receivers for transmission over 1 or 2 optic fibers. Plug and Play design, any manual adjustment is needed. A frontal led light signal informs about correct connection and video transmission.

A new digital version, improve and guarantee a high speed transmission, best quality image and high distances on links point to point.

Compatible with all Adilec digital video transmitters over one or two optic fibers (NTVI1-2 & NTVI4).

They are produced with two mechanical solutions, one to be assembled in 19” 3U (PAWAL) chassis andanother one to be assembled in a wall or electrical panelboard and DIN rail mount